Nifty Bridge

Shopify NFTs

Create and sell NFTs, all from within you storefront

Build your NFT project with our one-click integration from the Shopify app store. Sell NFTs the same way you would sell any other physical product.


Leverage both Polygon and Ethereum to mint your NFTs with the swipe of a credit card.


Avoid the complex selling motion of NFTs through traditional marketplaces


Give NFT holders exclusive access to gated content, products and more using our NFT verification widget
Allow customers to buy NFTs with the swipe of a credit card through Shopify's NFT beta program
Setup a secondary market storefront on OpenSea and collect royalties after the initial sale through Shopify.
Avoid the friction of wallet creation. Allow customers to create a wallet and purchase an NFT with a single click.
Nifty Bridge takes care of all crypto transactions, security, minting, transfers and IPFS storage on the back end so you don't have to.

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