Nifty Bridge

Shopify NFT Gating Experiences


On March 2022, Shopify x Doodles unveiled their gated NFT experience at SXSW. The goal of the initiative was to provide unique NFT collector experiences, which were heavily promoted through community efforts. Shopify x Doodle created a unique physical retail store where token holders could get actual products in exchange for their NFTs. It was one of the first ever token-gated retail shops and is now creating opportunities for other brands wanting to join the new meta-economy. Items like golden tickets only available to members alongside 

NFTs being used to unlock in-person experiences is just one of many use cases that are possible using this concept. The project showed just a small portion of what is possible when it comes to building communities and adding utility for customers through NFTs.

Shopify is now venturing from traditional web2 services to providing web3 functionality. Shopify facilitates their NFT program through app partners like Nifty Bridge, allowing brands to mint, sell, and create unique experiences for their customers and fans. When it comes to community building, client retention, and revenue growth, NFTs are becoming a new option for brands to leverage. Nifty Bridge works alongside Shopify to give brands’ NFTs real-world value and long-term utility.