Nifty Bridge


Digital products at the touch of a button


Create a smart contract and NFT with a single click. Avoid the hassle of traditional crypto


List NFTs just like any other physical good. Support a wide variety of checkout payment providers including Shopify Payments​


Gas fees, crypto transactions and security all taken care of on the backend so you can focus on your customers

Bulk Upload NFT tool

Don’t spend days trying to manually upload 1000s of unique NFTs. Nifty Bridge allows you to bulk upload your NFT project with metadata in the click of a button.

Airdrop NFTs

With Nifty Bridge’s airdrop tool, you can send your customers an NFT with the click of a button.

Dynamic NFTs

Your brand is constantly changing so why shouldn’t your NFTs. Launch projects that can evolve depending on variables like weather, time and more.

Start building your next NFT project today!